3 reasons why to use royalty free meditation music for your guided meditations

Music easily takes you into the right atmosphere

Music is emotion, so you can influence your hearing, state of mind and behaviour.

Just listen to exciting and enthusiastic music, then you will notice that it also makes you want to do something. To dance or to brush.

The same thing happens with soothing music or meditation music, but the other way around.
You help the audience to evoke the right emotion.

So you can use music to set the tone. And to give your brain the signal that it can go into a restful mode.

Music makes hearing easy

And ensures that it immediately knows what to do.
Music use helps the body to surrender
Especially if you’re in the rush. And if you struggle to surrender easily, it’s smart to use music as a tool.
You help the listener of the guided meditation to do what it is intended for.
In addition, it has been scientifically proven that soothing music or meditation music has a heart rate lowering shape eyes.

Your meditation works faster and is more powerful

By using music in your guided meditation, the effect of the meditation is faster. It helps the hearing, body and mind where it needs to go. And supports the narration of the meditation. The combination ensures that the message and words are absorbed and felt even more easily.