5 Types of brain waves and how you can change your state of mind with binaural beats.

The neurons in our brains use electrical signals to create our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

The 5 major categories of brain waves, each associated with different mental functions:

Gamma Waves (38-100 Hz): gamma waves are involved in the integration of thought processes by linking information from different parts of the brain, active consciousness and self-awareness, peak cognitive functioning, and possibly spirituality

Beta Waves (14-30 Hz): associated with active problem solving, complex and effortful thinking, motor control, high anxiety, excitement, and judgment.

Alpha Waves (9-13 Hz): the quiet resting state of the conscious brain, associated with working memory, calculations, and the coordination of thoughts.

Theta Waves (4-8 Hz): brain waves associated with dreaming, spatial navigation, intuition, meditation, memory formation, alertness, creativity, and subconscious thinking.

Delta Waves (0.5-4 Hz): slow, loud brain waves associated with dreamless sleep, deep meditation, and healing.

When you use Binaural Beats. You are able to change into the frequency or state of mind you want. Just by using the right Binaural Beat.

How does that work?

A Binaural Beat is a piece of music in which two tones are played that deliver a different frequency to each ear. So the tones left and right are slightly different – higher or lower from each other.
Note, Binaural Beats only work with headphones.

Because you register a different tone on the left than on the right, your brain wants to compensate for the tone.

For example, on the left you hear 55 hertz, and on the right 66 hertz, the difference tone is 11 hertz. Which causes your brain to vibrate at 11 hertz – thus putting you in an alpha state.

You have to imagine that every state of consciousness ( being awake, driving, studying, meditating, etc.) reflects a certain vibrational frequency of our brain as explained above.

If you want to reach a especific state of mind, than use the corresponding binaural beat for is.

If you want to reach a Gamma state, use a Gamma Beat, is you want a Beta state, use a Beta beat etc…

The five frequencies at which our brains vibrate are:

Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.

Gamma – 30 – 100 hertz – very alert, high awareness, memory

Beta – 14 – 30 hertz – energy, focus, active, concentration

Alpha – 9 – 13 hertz – physically and mentally relaxed, day dream status, visualization

Theta – 4 – 8 hertz – deep meditation, deep relaxation, creativity, trance, light sleep, deep daydream

Delta – 4 hertz – deep sleep, healing


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