Hi there!

My name is Elianne, I’am the composer of the music you find in the music library. 

I work from my homebase Tenerife. 

The nature of the island is my infitnite source of inspiration for my music. 

Since I became aware of that there is more possible with making music than just making ‘nice music’. .. I decided I was going to do it differently. And also wanted to make other music for my clients.

 Since the day I was introduced to Nikola Tesla’s work years ago, the need to collaborate with the universe grew more and more.




And so it happened.

I made more than 100 pieces of music that can contribute to the well-being of the listener.

To relax, sleep, meditate and heal better.


To reach the subconscious more easily with meditation music & binaural beats andf Healing Frequency music. 


My mission is to make music that resonates with the universe, making you or your client feel better, nicer, healthier, more connected in harmony with themselves.