I am fascinated by music and energy.
For a long time I wanted to compose the healing frequency music myself.

And so it happened!

Healing frequency Music (or also Solfeggio music) is music that is composed on a specific frequency and has influence. Sound is vibration (as everything in the Universe is vibration with a different frequency) and each vibration has a different effect on us.
By listening to this music you will take over this frequency in your body and you can heal through music.

BeelowThere are 9 healing frequencies.
Each frequency has its own power. You can make this music work for you in In you guided meditations, visualizations etc.

I now have these 9 frequencies available in my shop below for using your guided audios.

Below I explain resumed which frequencies there are and what effect they have.

174 Hz music has an effect on reducing physical pain and gives your organs a feeling of safety and security.

285 Hz music helps you return tissue to its original shape.

396Hz music helps to release limiting emotional patterns such as fear and guilt.

417 Hz helps you undo situations, cleanse you and enable change. It puts you in touch with an inexhaustible source of energy with which you can change your life.

528Hz frequency music is also called the love frequency. The love frequency represents transformation, miracles and the repair and healing of DNA patterns.

639Hz is focused on healing relationships.
When dealing with relationship problems, it can help to listen to this frequency. It improves communication, understanding, tolerance and love.

741Hz frequency helps to increase inner strength and opens a channel to purified expression of love and meaning.

852Hz helps you to strengthen your intuition. Intuition and emotions connect and your true inner purpose becomes clear.

963 Hz music allows us to experience the unity of our true nature. Also called the ‘frequency of god’.