How do I find the right music for my guided meditation? 3 things to keep in mind.

I don’t understand a lot about music.
And I don’t know what exactly to look for when I choose music for my meditations…

In this short blog I share 3 things to keep in mind when choosing music for your guided meditation, hypnosis, visualization or yoga nidra.
I will use *meditation below, but that can also be hypnosis, yoga nidra or visualization.

1. Pay attention to the purpose of your *meditation

Music is best attuned to the purpose of your meditation.
One mediation is more focused on pure relaxation. A warmer sound is pleasant and invites you to deep relaxation.
And other meditations focus on grounds. A dark sound can help better than a lighter tinkel sound.
A tinkle sound is better suited to a stimulating or manifesting meditation.

This way you can tune in for each purpose which sound suits it.

2. What kind of music suits your meditation?

I have 3 different types of music you can choose. Meditations music, Binaural Beats and Healing Frequency Music.

Make sure that the type of music is supportive for your listener.
For example, meditation music is most suitable for a large group of people and helps to get your listener into the mood and relax.
While with the use of Binaural Beats you can get much deeper into relaxation and you can reach your subconscious more easily. This is therefore very suitable if you want to ‘program’ the subconscious.
Healing Frequency tracks are explicitly suitable for guided meditations that focus on the emotions of the frequencies. (more about healing frequencies)

3.Music to support your lyrics

When choosing music, pay close attention to any sounds that could amplify your narration.
Many meditation music tracks and binaural beats I have composed contain nature sounds that can amplify your text.

Always keep in mind that music and spoken text must reinforce each other.
It is a support and not an end in itself.
Also pay attention to the volume of the music and the volume of your voice. If this is properly coordinated, the experience of your meditation is optimal.

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